Lago di Trasimeno, Assisi, Florence

In may 2015 we had the plan to visit the family of my wife in Italy. Every year I do 50.000+ km with my car, so during the vacation time I hate distances over 500km. Anyway…we did the 900km in one shot and the first thing my father in law told me was, that there is a flight from Munich to Perugia since 2 days! Yeappphie! So we met the whole family there. Fantastico!

We stayed at a wonderful agricultural complex in Ripa, called Ripa Relais Cole del Sole. You can find it in the east of Perugia after a 15 minute drive. The location is just totally inspiring and during the night you see the castle of Assisi. A small minus point is the Highway and the airport right in front of you but not really disturbing. We explored the whole area, which is famous for cheese and Truffles and the history of itself. Guppio, Assisi and for shopping we found the small city Foligno! Very nice.

We also went to Florence…not our city and a little bit disappointing. On the one side there are a lot of stores selling cheap stuff from Asia and on the other side you have the luxury stores. The typical sightseeing places were totally overloaded. Out of my perspective, from what I can say after 1 day, Florence is overrated.We also visited the famous Prada outlet store and another Outlet village in the south of Florence. That was quite nice.

I have to say I love Italy, the culture, the food and the lovely landscapes. Beside football this country is really in my heart and my wife is half italian. We had a perfect week with fantastic weather, everything was perfect and our evenings within a italian familiy were superpeb. We definitely come back to go back to this fantastic Pizzeria on top of a mountain with a great view over Perugia. There was also a small park which I have to discover the next time (it was also dark and we didnt have a lot time).

If you are in the area of Perugia, you should also visit the spectacular Waterfalls in the south. We missed it and it is definitely on the list.


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