That´s me

Birth:                                                                  09.09.76

Place of Birth:                                                  Ulm Germany

Living in:                                                           Ulm, Baden-Württemberg

Familiy status:                                                married

Kids:                                                                   1 cat (boy)

Regel:                                                              „Schlafe auf Reisen nie schlechter als zu Hause“


Barcelona 2015 / of course I can smile 🙂

That´s me…Sascha, I am 40 years old and I am working as a Director of Projects in the pharmaceutical industry in Germany. I love my hometown Ulm, my friends and of course my family. Right now I am living with my beautiful wife in Ulm, Germany.  From 2012 till january 2017 we lived in Landshut (to teach the bavarian guys the swabian culture 🙂 I am exited about traveling the world, discover new places and cultures and get in touch with different people. I am a small fashion victim and enthusiastic about photography. So in summary that will be the content of my page.


„Ich bin ein Star – holt mich hier raus!“ Südafrika / Limpopo Garonga private Reserve 2014.

I am german, yes, and most of my articles will be in german even if I would reach a wider range of people in english. So if you find some mistakes in my english letters, please dont be to hard with me! 🙂

So first of all it is a diary for myself and if you like it and find some inspirations in it…well than I am even more happier! I like to travel in a high standard and/or luxury class. So if you are interested in Backpacker stories, you might be wrong here! Enjoy and have a good time!