Soma Bay – Kempinski Resort

After years in El Gouna, our Expert and good friend Shady from Fly&More in Frankfurt convinced us to give the Kempinski Resort in Soma Bay a chance.
It was a no brainer, that are pros and cons for Soma Bay.
There is no life outside of the hotel as long as you are not a lover of building sand castles in the desert. If you leave the hotel you have only a few possibilites in the closer neighborhood. For golf players there is a very good Golf Course close by and with the free shuttle buses you can drive to the end of the beach where you can find a wonderful house riff and a small scuba agency.

The hotel was amazing. Shady organized some wonderful rooms with a spectacular view over the sea and the mountains.
The food was the best I had in egypt. From the breakfast over the lunch to the dinner…everything was very good. The beach was brilliant and a lot better for snorkeling and swimming as we had it in El Gouna.

The pool area is spectacular and you have several kind of pools like the laguna pool.
We booked half board what is in pricipal enough for Egypt. If you are a smoker please buy your cigarettes before your trip. It is very expensive in Soma Bay like all the other costs beside it. But this is Kempinski and they want specific guest…and Kempinski travelers want specific guests. So you will not find the typical Hurghada traveler here.

In summary I would say a week for relaxing is enough here and we would combine it with El Gouna the next time, because we like the opportunity to go outside the hotel, especially in the evening to walk around the marina and downtown.


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